Birmingham National Senior Games

Jan 26, 2017

About the Internship:

The NSGA is offering a three week internship that puts you in the local sports marketing field. Intern assignments will include: photojournalism, creative journalism, and social media. This opportunity will provide a unique chance to gain daily-deadline marketing and communications experience with a nationally known large-scale sporting event. All 19 medal events will need coverage in the form of text, video and photography. A stipend for this internship will be provided.

Start date: May 29

End date: June 19

About the National Senior Games: 

The National Senior Games are held every two years in different major cities across the United States. Cities such as St. Louis, Baton Rouge, and Columbus have played host to The Games, and it is an honor for Birmingham to be selected to host in 2017. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase its culinary scene, craft breweries, and southern hospitality! The Games include 19 sporting events performed across 14 venues city-wide. Participants range ages 50 and up, and are encouraged to compete not only in the spirit of healthy competition, but to promote active aging for seniors. Athletes range from newcomers, to enthusiasts, to former Olympians.  In order to effectively run The Games, we will need over 3,000 volunteers over the two week period.

To apply, send an email with examples of your work portfolio, resume and contact information to For more information about Knight Eady, visit