JCM Partners with UA’s CrossingPoints Summer Bridge Program

Jul 10, 2017

Richard Tucker and Joshua Robinson

During the first summer session, two students from CrossingPoints embarked on an exciting journey as they participated in TCF 201, intro to video production. This is the first time CrossingPoints students have joined a class from C&IS.

CrossingPoints’ Summer Bridge Program enables its students with intellectual disabilities to experience college life and explore the ins and outs of postsecondary education. The students live on campus in residence halls, partake in at least one class that aligns with their academic interests, participate in a part-time internship and are also involved in several recreational activities on campus.

Joshua Robinson and Richard Tucker both have a desire to work in video production and the film industry, and TCF 201 allowed them to explore that career goal. They learned the features of camera operation and video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. Within the course, they completed a narrative assignment, a documentary assignment and a scripted narrative dialogue scene.

“These students have been an absolute pleasure to have in class,” said Nathan Dains, adjunct professor of journalism and creative media. “They made their documentary project about the CrossingPoints program. This has been their best work so far.”

Robinson and Tucker worked collaboratively with students in the classroom to create their assigned projects, which involved operating various pieces of equipment and performing different tasks. The students were also active in class discussions and presentations.

Other students from CrossingPoints participated in various courses such as COM 123 (Public Speaking), ART 201 (Drawing II), HHE 270 (Personal Health), GEO 101 (The Dynamic Earth), MUE 107 (Basic Skills in Music), CAT 100 (Computer Concepts & Applications) and SPE 300 (Intro to Special Education).

CrossingPoints is currently working on becoming an accredited 4-year program where students can declare a focus of interest while still obtaining special accommodations that an individual with intellectual disabilities needs in order to thrive in a college experience. For more information about CrossingPoints, click here.

This post was written by Emily Strack.