Marquis Munson Wins Best in Broadcast ABBY

Apr 17, 2018

Marquis (right) with Ryan Fowler

Marquis Munson was a post-graduate journalism major, working retail in his home state of California when Ryan Fowler direct-messaged him on Twitter, asking him to fly to Alabama to produce his sports radio show, “The Game with Ryan Fowler.” Marquis worked for Ryan in 2015 as an intern. Marquis bought a Greyhound Bus ticket and headed back to Tuscaloosa.

A few months later, he and Ryan won an Alabama Broadcasters Association (ABBY) “Best in Broadcasting” for best medium sports show. This award recognizes excellence in broadcasting in the state of Alabama.

Marquis is no stranger to hard work and credits his time in C&IS as a major push toward his success. His relationships with professors like Meredith Cummings and Lars Anderson helped him dive into his field and learn through experiential learning and hands-on projects.

“At C&IS, while you’re a student you get put in the field and you work. To be able to get on-air experience as an undergraduate is something that a lot of schools don’t offer,” Marquis said. “All of the professors helped me somehow in this business and still help me today.”

Marquis developed his love for sports and radio from listening to “First Take” and Jim Rome shows as a kid. He calls sports an escape from other things going on in the world.

When asked about Ryan and his relationship to the host, Marquis is quick to praise their collaboration in the studio.

“We are total opposites, but we share the bond of sports. He’s the reason I have a job in radio and our teamwork makes the show,” Marquis said. “People who are different from you can help to bring out things you didn’t know were possible, Ryan and I have that chemistry on-air.”

Marquis noted that winning an ABBY is a major professional and personal success for him because it marks his hard work paying off. The journey that he had to take was not easy but he knew that if he stuck to his path, it would all work out.

“Saying that hard work pays off is cliché, but it actually does,” said Marquis. “I tell our interns now, don’t take an opportunity for granted. Work hard and make yourself as useful as you can.”

Marquis is living his dream of working in radio as a producer. His time in C&IS offered him the learning environment he needed to be ready to jump into opportunities like his partnership with Ryan.

Moving forward, Marquis plans to keep winning ABBYs. “My job is to continue the success that we’ve had, my goal is to win again next year and the year after that,” he said. With his hard work and creativity, Marquis can be sure that this ABBY is just the beginning.