Secret Meals for Hungry Children Feeds 1,200

May 10, 2018

Over the last 15 semesters, more than 440 public relations students have fed over 1,200 children, raising a combined $149,791.18 to date.

Susan Daria’s APR 419, Concepting and Implementation, takes public relations students and gives them a semester-long project that benefits West Alabama’s needy children through Secret Meals for Hungry Children.

The class allows students to use skills they learn in their public relations courses to attract media attention, earn social media placements and radio spots. This semester, 37 students earned four WVUA feature stories, five articles, two iHeart Radio announcements, a spot on the Kip Tyner Show, a feature on the University’s website and various other social media placements. They raised over $11,890 which will feed more than 84 local children.

SMHC works with teachers and school counselors to place pre-made food packs into each needy child’s backpack while they are at recess on Fridays. Daria began partnering with Alabama Credit Union and her students in 2011 to support this organization.

“Just when I think they have tried it all, my students come up with even more unique ways to engage and educate the public about childhood hunger and simple ways to make a positive change, locally,” said Daria. “Their ideas have been everything from a fishing tournament to a spin-a-thon to a battle of the bands event! You name it. What inspires them, inspires me, and then we all work together to figure out how to make their ideas come to life! It is really gratifying.”

C&IS students are positively impacting the community where they live. For more information about SMHC, visit their website.

The group also has a YouTube channel, where you can check out many of the various project this class has produced to raise money to feed children in need.