Minerva Finishes Out Strong Year

May 21, 2018

Minerva finishes out the academic year strong with a total of 28 creative advertising awards won in regional, national and international competitions. June 8’s National American Advertising Awards brings C&IS students, Charlotte Frank and Elizabeth Swartz, to Chicago, capping the statement year for Minerva.

Minerva is the creative portfolio specialization in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations. The two-year program places selected students into a cohort through a rigorous application process and guides them through an intense process of creative discovery.

“It’s been a very successful year with Minerva students winning more local, regional, national and international awards for their creative advertising campaigns in 2018 than any other previous year by more than double,” said Mark Barry, Director, creative portfolio specialization. “We will be working hard to build upon this momentum moving forward.”

Two student teams brought home Awards of Merit from the Young Ones Student Awards put on by The One Club for Creativity in New York. The Young Ones competition is considered one of the premier competitions for creative students internationally. The student submissions responded to a creative brief charging the students to partner with FCB Health on an awareness campaign for the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Click on the following links to view the winning student campaigns: 

The complete list of the 2017-2018 Minerva student awards is as follows:

19 Local American Advertising Awards, ADDYs:

6 Gold Winning Teams:
-Mary Buzbee, Elizabeth Swartz
-Emeline Earman, Olivia Ledbetter
-Caroline Clark, Alexia Korte
-Sydney Estill, Joanna Gaylard
-Serenity Lamprakes, Olivia Ledbetter

10 Silver Winning Teams:
– Lauren Meadows, Sydney Pellegrini
– Charlotte Frank, Lauren Meadows
– Mary Buzbee, Julia Hall
– Caleb Ledbetter, Caleb Moon
– Emeline Earman, Sydney Pellegrini (2x)
– Julia Hall, Sydney Pellegrini
– Julia Hall, Caleb Ledbetter, Lauren Meadows
– Alexia Korte, Lexi Warren
– Charlotte Frank, Elizabeth Swartz

2 Judge’s Choice Winning Teams:
– Elizabeth Swartz
– Mary Buzbee, Elizabeth Swartz

1 Student Best of Show:
-Sydney Estill, Joanna Gaylard

6 District 7 American Advertising Awards, ADDYs:

2 Gold Winning Teams:
– Caroline Clark, Alexia Korte
– Elizabeth Swartz

3 Silver Winning Teams:
– Caleb Ledbetter, Caleb Moon
– Emeline Earman, Sydney Pellegrini
– Charlotte Frank, Elizabeth Swartz

1 Judge’s Choice Winning Team:
Caroline Clark, Alexia Korte

1 National American Advertising Award, ADDYs:

Winning Team, will know level June 8:
-Charlotte Frank, Elizabeth Swartz

2 Young Ones One Club Awards of Merit:
-Emeline Earman, Lauren Meadows, Charlotte Frank, Nelle Thomas, Rick Molinaro
-Mary Buzbee, Sydney Estill, Mk Holladay, Sydney Pellegrini, Elizabeth Swartz

For more information about Minerva, visit their website.