Quick Tips on Spring Registration

Oct 23, 2018

C&IS Director of Student Services and Registrar, Alyson Jarnagin, has helped students with their schedules, classes, transfers and registration for the past eleven years. As registration for Spring 2019 quickly approaches, Jarnagin offers advice for students within C&IS and encourages all students to first look at the C&IS website before calling or emailing individual registration questions.

“The biggest thing is that students need to register for their classes when their registration time opens. Typically, when a student does that, they have minimal problems getting into a class,” said Jarnagin, “I recommend students reaching out to their advisor well before their registration time opens.”

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about registration within C&IS. For a more complete list of frequently asked questions, visit C&IS’s Student Resources page.

Who is my academic advisor?

All undergraduate students are assigned a professional or faculty advisor. Students can find this person’s name in their DegreeWorks. Advisors are assigned during the first week of class each semester. Students with 0-60 earned hours are advised by the professional academic advisors in Tisch Student Services, located in Suite 190 Reese Phifer Hall. Students with 60+ hours are advised by a faculty member in their department.

How do I make an appointment to meet with my academic advisor?

Students assigned to advisors in Tisch Student Services (0-60 earned hours) should call Tisch Student Services at 205-348-8599 or email tischstudentserv@ua.edu. Students advised by a faculty advisor (61+ earned hours) should e-mail their advisor or stop by the departmental office to sign up for an advising time slot. Ideally, students will begin seeing advisors in September for Spring advising and in February for Summer/Fall advising. Students assigned to a faculty advisor in their major department will need to work with that advisor to determine their appointment schedule. The best way for students to do so is to either stop by office hours or send an e-mail to their faculty advisor requesting an appointment. We do not have priority advising.

Is advising required each semester?

No, advising is not required each semester unless the student is an athlete, have been placed on academic warning, or have been reinstated from suspension. However, students are strongly encouraged to seek advising each semester.

How do I use DegreeWorks?

Students may access DegreeWorks through the Student tab in MyBama or degreeworks.ua.edu. For more information on DegreeWorks, including FAQs, visit the Registrar’s site. Use the below links for helpful information and a tutorial on how to use DegreeWorks.

DegreeWorks Introduction Video

Using the What-If Feature

Using the DegreeWorks Planner

How do I determine my student classification?

Classifications are based solely on completed class hours. There are four classifications of undergraduate students:

Freshman – 0-30 hours
Sophomore – 31-60 hours
Junior – 61-90 hours
Senior – 91+ hours

When can I register for classes?

Registration dates fluctuate from semester to semester, so visit the academic calendar or check registration dates through the Student tab of MyBama. Click Student tab > Student Services folder > Registration folder > Registration Status.

How do I use Schedule Builder?

Schedule Builder can be found by going to the Student tab in MyBama. For assistance using Schedule Builder, please check out these two links:

How to Use Schedule Builder Reference Guide

Registering for Classes using MyBama Video

I’m getting close to graduation. How do I ensure that I have completed my requirements?

If there is no degree audit on a student’s DegreeWorks, that student should request a degree audit through the C&IS website under Current Students. This will ensure that they know exactly what they have remaining and can help them prepare for their advising appointment.

What are the steps to apply for graduation?

Students will begin receiving e-mails to their Crimson e-mail account from the Registrar’s Office in the semester they will complete degree requirements and graduate. Graduation applications are available through MyBama.

For a more complete list of frequently asked questions, visit C&IS’s Student Resources page.