Television Academy Internship

Dec 4, 2018

Television Academy Foundation-Internship Program


The Television Academy Foundation offers 50 television industry internships in over 20 disciplines each summer. These eight-week, paid positions at major media companies provide professional experience, career development and networking opportunities to talented students nationwide.

The application deadline is January 24, 2019.

Please note: Letters of recommendation without a signature and email address will NOT be accepted.


Agency • Animation • Casting • Choreography • Cinematography • Design (Art Direction/Set Decoration, Costume Design) • Development (Animation, Children’s Programming, Movies for Television, Scripted Series, Unscripted Television, Virtual and Augmented Reality) • Directing • Editing • Interactive Media • Legal & Business Affairs • Marketing • Music • News (Broadcast News, Entertainment News) • Physical Production/Business Management • Production (Commercials, Documentary/Nonfiction, Live Television, Movies for Television) • Production Management • Program Planning and Scheduling • Public Relations/Publicity • Sound • Writing (Comedy, Drama)

New for 2019: Virtual and Augmented Reality Development

Follow this link to apply: