Amy Fincher, of Firaxis Studios, Speaks on Leadership and Game Development

Apr 20, 2019

On Wednesday, April 17, Amy Fincher, of Firaxis Studios, spoke on leadership and game development, the role of communication studies and her leadership on the Civilization games to a group of C&IS students. She also gave a tailored talk to Dr. Britt class later that day. Fincher brings over a decade of expertise in development for one of the most celebrated video game series. As a producer, she bridges the gap between educating students on games and collaborating with faculty on research.

Fincher’s professional background in the industry presented a natural opportunity to share her expertise with students. She also spoke with students in Dr. Steve Holiday’s advertising course and Dr. Coral Marshall’s sports writing class — all of which have components that relate to mass media and video games. Fincher came to C&IS through a longtime friendship with Dr. Britt as they both share a love for video games and working with students.

“The opportunity for students to learn from professionals in the field is important for their professional development, as it presents potential networking opportunities and chances to receive critiques on their resumes and portfolios,” said Dr. Britt. “Individuals with experience like Amy provide a wonderful learning opportunity for students.”

Fincher’s talks and Q&A sessions provided a springboard for students to further discuss their questions about the industry from a respected professional. To learn more about C&IS, visit