C&IS Approves SEC Proposal for Microwave

Apr 25, 2019

SEC vice president, Alyssa McGee, cuts the ribbon for the microwave in the Hub.

When C&IS student, Alyssa McGee heard a request for a microwave from a fellow student, she didn’t wait around; she acted. As vice president of the C&IS Student Executive Council (SEC), she knew her student organization was in the perfect position to help.

“After I heard these requests being voiced by students in the College, I drafted a proposal to present before the council,” said Alyssa McGee, Vice President of SEC. “Through this process, we received valuable feedback and suggestions from other members. It really was a team effort”

McGee then presented the proposal to Dr. Sara Hartley, assistant dean of undergraduate studies and external relations at C&IS. Hartley took the request before the Dean, who approved the SEC’s purchase of a microwave oven to be housed in the Hub (Reese Phifer 103).

In addition to the benefit for students who wish to save money by bringing food from home, the accommodation also answers a more specific need.

“Many students dietary restrictions limit their options on campus,” said McGee. “One student told me her allergies kept her from eating in the dining halls, from the food trucks and from the restaurants at the Ferguson Center. Now she can warm and eat food from home.”

The microwave proposal is the first-ever proposal from the SEC, but according to McGee it won’t be the last.

The Student Executive Council is a student leadership organization in the College of Communication and Information Sciences that promotes collaboration across C&IS student organizations, current students, faculty, staff and administration. They accomplish this mission by developing and maintaining strong relationships with the C&IS departments to assist in identifying and implementing opportunities within the College, building strong relationships with faculty and staff and making sure they know how to direct student related issues to the SEC, raising internal funds to support the C&IS Student Organization Fund by creating and maintaining college fundraisers, and overseeing student organization funding requests.