Circle of Confusion

Oct 29, 2020

Development & Management Intern

Circle of Confusion is looking for driven, organized remote interns who are seeking careers in the entertainment business to intern remotely two or three days a week for the Spring 2021 semester. Interns will be exposed to industry practices that go into developing, producing and casting films, TV, and theater. More specifically, interns will be involved in reading scripts, writing coverage, conducting industry related research, answering phones, taking on general office work and assisting with special projects which can include editing video for reels and creating web pages. Interns will have the opportunity to shadow assistants, sit down with managers and/or producers, ask questions and ultimately, through the course of the internship, learn what it means to be on the business side of entertainment. Additionally, all interns will participate in the semester-long pitch project which includes sourcing a piece of IP or using an original idea to develop and pitch to Circle assistants and managers as a film, TV series, docuseries, podcast, or any other form of media. Whether you become a writer, producer, creative executive, etc., you will need to be able to pitch projects and communicate concepts quickly and effectively. This creative project will help you develop your skills to both pitch an idea and yourself, as you move forward in your career. As an intern, you have the opportunity to interact and hear from leaders in the industry. You must be able to receive credit for the internship.