C&IS Professor is named a Featured Expert in Recent Super Bowl Study

Feb 11, 2022

Dr. Andrew Billings

As the date for Super Bowl LVI (56) approaches, fans, players and sports communicators alike are eagerly awaiting the prime-time excitement. In a recent Super Bowl study, journalism and creative media professor Andrew Billings was selected to voice his sports communication knowledge on the topic of this year’s Super Bowl, which is predicted to be the most viewed Super Bowl yet.

The study, developed by WalletHub, presents several Super Bowl fun facts and enlists the help of 12 leading sports experts across the nation. Dr. Billings’s professional knowledge surrounding sports communication made the C&IS professor an easy choice to be selected to give his insight.

Billings, who is the Executive Director of the Alabama Program in Sports Communication and the Ronald Reagan Chair of Broadcasting in the department of Journalism and Creative Media, is a proven leader in sports communication research. With 20 books and over 210 journal articles and book chapters, he is one of the most published sports media scholars in the world. His research spans a variety of topics relating sports and mass media, and his feature in this Super Bowl study is one of many accolades for the professor.

To read the full study and see Billings’s expert commentary, click here.