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Mar 28, 2022

Crimson Tide Hospitality



FANgineers play a vital role in the success of the hospitality program and game days. FANgineers serve as goodwill ambassadors to ticket holders and their guests while maintaining the operational policies in place for all premium seating areas. FANgineers also serve as a liaison between donors, caterers, maintenance staff, custodial staff, Hospitality Directors, and Athletic Department personnel.


  • Perform PEAK customer service for all guests, fans, and department staff
  • Act as game day ambassadors for the Hospitality office and athletics department
  • Ensure all game day policies and procedures are being upheld
  • Monitor entry gates, review tickets, and be aware of access control protocols
  • Serve as an elevator attendant and people movement monitor
  • Perform all pre, during, and post-game duties associated to suites and clubs (i.e., trash removal, facility monitoring, food & beverage needs, etc.)
  • During the game, serve as the main point of contact for suite holders and guests
  • Other duties as assigned

When & Where:

  • FANgineers are hourly employees. Hours will range between 6-30 hours per week depending on the home game schedules and office needs each week
  • Football, basketball, baseball stadiums/arenas
  • A-Day (April 16) and 2022 Football Season


  • Ability to work nights and weekends
  • Service first mindset
  • Friendly demeanor
  • Great verbal communication skills
  • Willingness to stand or sit for long periods of time (30-45 minutes)
$14/hour (after A-Day)


The Crimson Tide Hospitality internship is designed for program participants to gain hands-on experience in the event management and athletic hospitality industries. Interpersonal, multitasking and communication skills are necessary and should be developed throughout this internship. The experience acquired will offer the intern the opportunity to work in related fields in his/her future career.

Internship Site: Crimson Tide Hospitality Office, managed by REVELXP

Description of Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of this position is to assist the Hospitality Managers with the preparation, organization, and management of skyboxes and clubs, as well as other events assigned to the Hospitality Office. CTH interns will share management responsibility pertaining to catering, student employees, special events and facility operations as well as assist with general office duties.


  1. Learn and administer policies and procedures regarding admission, food and beverage, maintenance, and other skybox & club operations.
  2. Assist with the management and supervision of student staff members.
  3. Serve as a liaison between skybox holders/club members and the catering staff and UA Athletics.
  4. Contribute to the production of premium seating communications (membership guides, menu
    portfolios, and newsletters).
  5. Assist in executing University and external events.
  6. Deliver the finest hospitality and service by going above & beyond every day.

Hours/Availability: This position will require a commitment to all seven home football game weekends. Office hours range from 10-35 hours/week, depending on workload. This is a paid position; the current pay rate is $10.00/hour.

Expectations: The intern is expected to act in a courteous manner and dress presentably as he/she will be representing The University of Alabama Athletic Department and RevelXP. The intern is also expected to work closely with his/her immediate manager and keep the manager informed of any issues relating to donor/employee safety and satisfaction. The intern should understand that he/she will be perceived by donors and University staff as a management team member.


What we are looking for in a candidate:

• Team player

• Organized

• Detail-oriented

• Self-starter

• Effective communicator

• Ability to work long hours

• Not opposed to physical labor and enjoys working outdoors

• Must be able to work on weekends

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