Industry Immersion Leads C&IS Alum to Career at NBA

Apr 18, 2023

Industry Immersion is a professional development program that takes motivated C&IS students to meet some of the College’s most inspiring alumni and industry professionals in leading job markets across the country. The program takes students to cities including Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Nashville, allowing them to see and feel what it’s like to live and work in a particular city.

The program builds skills in interpersonal communication, interviewing, salary negotiation, personal branding and strategic networking, giving C&IS students an advantage in the internship and job market.

For C&IS alumnus Billy Murray, an Industry Immersion trip to New York City was the opportunity he needed to launch his career with the National Basketball Association (NBA).

As a student, Murray pursued a degree in news media with a sports media concentration. He knew early in his academic career that he wanted to work in the sports industry, and through Industry Immersion, he was equipped with the resources to accomplish this goal.

“My degree was in news media but my passion was basketball, so I did everything I could to get a career in sports,” Murray said. “One of my first trips with Industry Immersion was a virtual trip via Zoom where we met with the Golden State Warriors. It was such a great opportunity, and after that, I decided I wanted to go on every trip because you never know who you might meet next.”

Murray continued to attend Industry Immersion trips and later became a member of the Industry Immersion Leadership Team. Through his position, he had the opportunity to encourage other C&IS students to attend trips, and he planned the program’s May 2022 trip to New York City. What he didn’t know was that this trip would propel his career in basketball.

During the trip, C&IS students had the opportunity to visit the NBA headquarters to network with staff and learn about the basketball industry. Murray’s conversations with staff left an excellent impression, allowing him to get a job offer two months later.

“It sounds cliché, but the trip really changed my life,” Murray said. “I met my current boss there, and we just started talking about basketball. A few months later, after I graduated, he messaged me about an open position and encouraged me to apply. I applied and was offered the job, and the rest is history.”

Murray is now a YouTube publisher for the NBA where he manages the organization’s YouTube channel. He credits Industry Immersion with providing him with the life-changing opportunity to pursue his dream career.

“I don’t think that anybody was more affected by a club or organization than I was by Industry Immersion. Without this program, I have no idea what I’d be doing, but I know I would not be in New York working for the NBA, that’s for sure,” Murray said. “Every single resource that goes toward Industry Immersion is helping students progress professionally and make connections that will last a lifetime. This program directly affects you after college and helps you develop so that you’re always going to be ready for your next step.”

Through Industry Immersion, students are given the opportunity to elevate themselves personally and professionally. The program’s benefits are unmatched, and alumni like Murray go on to build successful careers in top companies in the nation.

During Industry Immersion’s next trip to New York City this May, Murray will host C&IS students at the NBA headquarters, helping students find their path after graduation like he did just one year before.

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