CAMP Leadership Team

Who are CAMP Leaders?

  • The CAMP leadership team is a group of upperclassmen student leaders who are passionate about C&IS and its resources and eager to share their experiences with high school students interested in communication and media.
  • Members of the leadership team should have a strong understanding of The College of Communication and Information Sciences and The University of Alabama.

What are CAMP Leaders responsible for?

  • During CAMP, the leadership team will facilitate discussion and completion of a multifaceted campaign project spearheaded by the participants.
  • Team members will work alongside C&IS faculty in teaching, mentoring, and preparing students to develop and present their final campaign project.
  • Team members will facilitate the CAMP schedule by guiding students through the sessions, facilities, and social activity times.
  • They will exhibit a willingness to serve as a resource regarding campus information, CAMP content and the CAMP participant experience.

How do I become a CAMP Leader?

  • To prepare for the experience, leaders will spend time in the spring semester attending training workshops.
  • All C&IS majors are eligible to apply through the Engagement Portal, which can be found by clicking the button below.

Apply to be a CAMP Leader