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Account Manager, Healthcare PR


Account Associate, Healthcare PR *best suited for recently 2020 graduates


Additionally, while not directly communications or marketing roles, I have also included the below opportunities in a few of our functional departments should there be any interest as well.


Legal – Contracts Specialist


Operations – Systems Business Analyst


HR/Benefits – Senior Benefits Analyst


At the Hospitality Network Group (HNG) at Keller Williams, we serve clients in buying, investing in and selling real estate. Our core value is to be “client focused, performance driven.”

We are a successful team, having grown in three years from one agent serving one market to four agents serving multiple markets across the Southeast, with several additional agents scheduled to join in 2021.

In support of the team, we are also developing comprehensive administrative support functionality. Currently, this consists of an Executive & Design Assistant who has helped us develop processes and leverage proprietary systems and tools to support the business, and a Transaction Coordinator who assistance with real estate deal flow and compliance.

We seek to provide student interns with business experience they can leverage as they develop skill sets for long-term professional development. For the right individuals, there may be opportunities for positions with HNG that could continue beyond graduation.

Specifically, we are looking for student team members to intern with us who have skills and/or interests in general business, real estate, marketing and/or communications.

During the course of their internship, students will:

· Understand the short and long term objectives of HNG and be invited to identify ways they can contribute to the overall success of the business

· Evaluate existing systems and processes and the full extent of their capabilities

· Specifically, offer recommendations to help us better utilize existing systems or enhance processes

· Specifically, offer recommendations for new technology to better meet business objectives

· Help to develop new, innovative ways to consistently build and enhance the business’ brand and messaging with all target audiences

· Work with the HNG team to prioritize recommendations

· Lead or Support the implementation of recommendations

Systems and technologies currently being utilized include, but are not limited to:

· Short term rental tools (Airbnb, VRBO)

· Social media platforms/tools (Facebook, Instagram,

· RE business platforms (Zillow, Dotloop,, KW proprietary)

· Communications/design platforms (Yak Social FB Advertising, BombBomb, Canva, Later)

· LinkedIn

· Cozi Calendar

HNG is honored to work with UA students and to provide them with a unique opportunity to be part of a growing business in a collaborative, supportive environment that will help to develop skills and provide valuable professional experience.

Schedule and hours are flexible.

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