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The UAB Department of Pediatrics is offering a paid internship in communications this summer. Interested students may apply online:
UAB Pediatrics Communications Intern:
  • Requirements
    • Upperclassman (junior or senior) studying journalism, communications, or public relations
    • Strong writing skills in a variety of formats, including newswriting, features, press releases
    • Strong knowledge of social media platforms
    • Must provide two writing samples and professional resume
  • Responsibilities
    • Research and write original content for UAB Department of Pediatrics website, social media platforms and e-newsletter, including faculty profiles, news briefs, promotions for upcoming events, and other news and feature articles
    • Assist in the planning and production of the weekly Department of Pediatrics email newsletter
    • Create content and imagery for social media posts for the department’s social media profiles

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Industry Immersion - Consider an Industry Immersion trip to visit a city of interest and network with industry professionals over three days and four nights.

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