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Schoolyard Roots, a local nonprofit organization, is currently looking for a talented intern to help us with our organization’s social media, marketing, and design for upcoming campaigns and events! This internship will require a student to have strong attention to detail and an interest in how our organization works in Tuscaloosa County. Love of plats is a bonus! The intern will assist Schoolyard Roots staff with:

  • Managing social media
  • Drafting media and marketing items for press opportunities
  • Designing and maintaining some organization graphics
  • Organizing Spring Fundraising Campaign and attending fundraising events
  • Developing marketing ideas for our Alabama School Garden curriculum and Guide to Cooking in the Classroom
  • Drafting donor communications, such as monthly e-newsletters, and volunteer alerts
  • Maintenance of website information

This is an unpaid internship. Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, people skills, and a willingness to learn more about our organization and promote it required for this position. To apply, please email your resume to

An intern for Family Counseling Service is eager to learn about the communications field while using their skill sets to better the nonprofit. The intern will assist the Executive Director and publicity committee of the board of directors in their communications efforts. Tasks might include content creation, social media monitoring, publicity brainstorming, and more. This is a great opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in a nonprofit setting!

● Junior or Senior in Advertising/PR or similar field
● Motivated, organized, and eager to help
● Graphic design skills are an added bonus
● Website management and editing is an added bonus

Schedule and Compensation
● Average 4 hours per week
● Scheduling will be set, once the intern is selected, based on their class schedule and the needs of the organization
● Internships are unpaid

● Interested students should email their resume to Board President, Ryn Miller,

Family Counseling Service is a United Way funded agency. In addition to specialized programs that focus on domestic violence, anger management and co-parenting through divorce, FCS offers counseling services to the community of West Alabama for depression, grief, anxiety and more. Our hope is to break the stigma around mental health and for people to see the benefits counseling can bring through a life crisis or day to day life challenges.

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