This webpage serves as a resource for C&IS students to search for internships in communication and media. The job postings are intended for all undergraduate majors and are for internships located in the state, region and internationally. No representations are made about the job postings included on this site. Advertisement of these job postings should not be interpreted as an endorsement or otherwise encouragement for students to apply for positions. Students bear the burden of researching all employers, and terms of employment, before responding to the job postings.

CivicsConnection, a platform for civic engagement among students, is trying to make it easier for students and politicians/political organizations to naturally interact with one another.

Through the nonprofit organization, Amplify Action, we are looking to recruit students to a number of remote internships in fields such as graphic design, communications, law, research, media relations, and many more. Amplify Action is recruiting interns from around the country, and we wanted to bring this wonderful opportunity to the College of Communication at the University of Alabama! Applications to these positions will be closing in five days, on September 16th, at 11:59 p.m.

Amplify Action’s page on our platform is available via the link Here, there is more information about the organization and the specific positions they are looking to fill.

UA Career Center - The UA Career Center partners with students as they explore possibilities, develop skills and connect with opportunities. Log on to Crimson Careers to review additional internships and full-time employment opportunities.

Industry Immersion - Consider an Industry Immersion trip to visit a city of interest and network with industry professionals over three days and four nights.

If you are seeking course credit for your internships, please contact the Internship Coordinator for your major to make these arrangements prior to the term in which your internship will begin: