The mentoring program at C&IS brings together students and professionals in mutually rewarding relationships. These relationships are purposeful—matching students with a mentor in an industry of interest or in the city of their dreams. With mentors sharing their experience and giving advice, they help shape and define a mentee’s professional future. The program is open to juniors and seniors in all C&IS majors.

The mentoring program at C&IS is named after Mr. Jim Oakley.  As the vision grew for cultivating the mentoring program, alumni began sharing inspiring stories of how Mr. Oakley had connected students to professionals throughout the years – professionals who have, in their own way, mentored students and helped catapult careers and expand C&IS’ reach and reputation.

Mr. Jim Oakley served as an advisor, counselor, career coach, and friend to students at our institution for over thirty years. Although now retired from his official role at the college, Mr. Oakley frequently visits the school, has established a scholarship through C&IS and certainly remains an active and welcome friend of the college.

The Oakley Society is carrying out its mission built on the strong foundation established by this remarkable individual.

Student Application

Are you a current junior or senior (earned more than 61 credit hours) pursuing a major through C&IS?  Are you interested in working with a mentor as you narrow your career goals?  C&IS students may apply here to participate as a mentee in the Oakley Society through midnight on September 12, 2016.  Only complete applications may be accepted. 

Mentor Application

Professionals seeking to spend time monthly helping direct a student’s career path are welcome to apply for consideration as a mentor. Think you might be interested? This flier contains information about the goals and expectations of the program. Mentor applications will be accepted through Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at midnight.