The Oakley Society at C&IS brings students and professionals together in mutually rewarding relationships. We purposefully pair students with a mentor in an industry of interest. The program is open to juniors and seniors (any C&IS student with 61 or more semester credit hours earned) in all C&IS majors.

Mentoring relationships with C&IS alumni and professionals in your fields of interest are empowering and encouraging, and will help you achieve your highest post-graduate goals. Mentors help with questions big and small, all the while holding you accountable to the vision you have for yourself.

Contact with mentors is initiated by each student. Mentees are required to maintain professional standards as well as to respond to mentors in a timely manner. Contact is encouraged at least once a month with your mentor.

In addition to facilitating mentoring relationships, C&IS provides opportunities for mentors to participate in on-campus discussions with students, host site visits for professional development, and join alumni/professional panels.

The mentoring program at C&IS is named after Mr. Jim Oakley.  Mr. Jim Oakley served as an advisor, counselor, career coach, and friend to students at our institution for over thirty years. As the vision grew for cultivating the mentoring program, alumni began sharing inspiring stories of how Mr. Oakley had connected students to professionals throughout the years – professionals who have, in their own way, mentored students and helped catapult careers and expand C&IS’ reach and reputation.

Any questions regarding The Oakley Society may be sent to Neil Adams, C&IS Coordinator of Employer Relations, at

Student Application

Student application will open on the C&IS Engagement Portal.



Mentor Application

Professionals seeking to invest time monthly helping direct a student’s career path are welcome to apply for consideration as a mentor. Think you might be interested? Professionals/C&IS alumni will submit a 1-time application, here, to serve as a mentor for The Oakley Society, and will be notified when qualified and appropriately matching students apply. Once accepted, any changes in annual availability may be reported to Neil Adams.