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The Mission

It takes more than talent and hard work to make it in the entertainment industry – it takes experience, the ability to network effectively, and industry connections. This course offers students the opportunity to put their classroom knowledge into practice through intensive professional development opportunities from studio tours to meetings with HR recruiters at studios and production companies. C&IS in LA gives students many opportunities to network with alumni and have meetings with industry professionals. This program gives students invaluable connections to College alumni, helps students gain resume building experience, and for many alums of this program – their experiences turned into real industry jobs. In previous years of the program, students have interned at production companies, television shows, talent agencies, commercial production companies, entertainment news outlets, late night television productions, media marketing firms and advertising agencies.

The Program

C&IS In Los Angeles is a faculty-led, summer internship experience. This immersive program brings University of Alabama students to live in Los Angeles, study media and enterainment industries with faculty members who have industry experience, and intern in Hollywood.

As part of this course, students:

  • Intern at a media industry company for 8 weeks and gain valuable experience
  • Network with C&IS alumni working in a variety of media companies in Los Angeles
  • Meet with industry professionals in a variety of entertainment fields and careers
  • Tour studios including Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount and Sony
  • Visit Pixar Studios in Emeryville and network with Bay Area alumni
  • Tour the Writer’s Guild foundation library and attend WGA industry seminars
  • Attend industry events including Cinegear, the LA Film Festival, Campus MovieFest Hollywood, ArcLight Hollywood screenings and red carpet events
  • Attend television show tapings, industry screenings and performances

For more information on CIS in LA or to apply, contact Dr. Cory Armstrong
or call the Journalism and Creative Media Department at 205-348-7155.