The Holle Awards for Excellence and Creativity in Communication

The University of Alabama College of Communication & Information Sciences seeks to recognize and celebrate leaders in creativity. The Holle Awards for Excellence in Creativity and Communication are designed to celebrate and reward student achievement in the areas of media writing, public speaking, film, screenwriting and book arts. This annual award includes a $10,000 prize for the winner of each category.

The Holle Awards for Excellence and Creativity in Communication highlight and celebrate creative expression nationally, and encourage partnerships among communication and other disciplines. As communication continues to evolve throughout the 21st century, the awards will encourage innovative, out-of-the-box thinking from students, faculty and communication professionals.

Holle Award for Excellence in Book Arts

Book Art students enrolled in graduate Book Arts programs must submit an application for the Holle Award for Excellence in Book Arts that includes a complete Curriculum Vitae, and thorough digital photographs of one book project. The work may include letterpress printing, mixed media including digital printing and various art printing technologies, hand bookbinding, and hand papermaking. All work must be complete. In addition, a statement of intention will include any exhibitions participated in, presentations given, workshops given or attended, plus goals for the future. An applicant should detail their professional work, artistic goals, and contributions to the field of Book Arts. Special note should be made of work with national or international impact.

Who’s eligible? Book Art students enrolled in the graduate Book Arts program.


Holle Award for Excellence in Filmmaking 

The 2017 Holle Award for Excellence in Filmmaking is awarded to the director of the best short film, narrative or documentary, made by a current undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at a college or university in the southeastern region, that has been submitted to the Black Warrior Film Festival.

Who’s eligible? The director of the film must be a current undergraduate or graduate student.


Holle Award for Excellence in Media Writing 

Students must submit three single-authored news stories, and each story must be at least 800 words in length. Though “news” is not defined here in a specific way, it is expected that a news story will be non-fiction and will reflect topics and issues that are relevant to society. Stories may be enterprise reporting, feature stories or sports stories. Stories may be class assignments or assignments for campus media, internships, jobs or freelance jobs. Stories must have been written while the applicant was a student at UA.

To be considered, each story must include at least three sources, and contact information for all sources must be provided. Also, single-author bylines must be clearly visible.

Entries must be accompanied by a cover letter in which the author explains for judges (a) the importance of the stories for the intended readership, (b) any noteworthy information concerning the reporting process, such as time spent and sources consulted, (c) and, if published, any readership or community reaction to the pieces.

Who’s eligible? The writer must be an undergraduate or graduate student at The University of Alabama during the 2016-2017 academic year of any academic major.


Holle Award for Excellence in Public Speaking

The public speaking program, in the Department of Communication Studies, offers a general education humanities course, COM 123, for the entire university population to cultivate basic public communication skills.

Those entering the competition will be required to present formal persuasive speeches that demonstrate logical structure and credible research in support of specific actions or concepts and that display exemplary standards of delivery. All contestants will compete in a preliminary judging round. Only the six finalists will advance to the final round to compete for the grand prize.

Who’s eligible? Students who have been enrolled in COM 123 in the 2016-2017 academic year who have been selected by their peers and instructors.



Holle Award for Excellence in Screenwriting

Students must submit a full-length feature script (80-120 pages) and include a one sentence logline. The script must be in proper format, three-hole punched and bound by two brads only – top and bottom left margins.

Authors may submit multiple entries, but each entry must meet the guidelines and criteria, and be accompanied by a separate submission form. All work must be complete. No partial scripts accepted.

Who’s eligible? Undergraduate or graduate students at The University of Alabama during the 2016-2017 academic year. All academic majors qualify.