Academic Honor Council

The Academic Honor Council is a collective group of student justices from across the college who serve as ambassadors for academic integrity. The justices promote high ethical standards, educate the C&IS community about academic integrity, and encourage others to always act according to the values of the Capstone Creed. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for a seat on the Academic Honor Council and the formal application process takes place in the spring semester.

Chief Justice:
Matto Adams

Matthew Barrett

C&IS Ambassadors

The C&IS Ambassadors is a leadership organization of students who serve as the official ambassadors for the College of Communication and Information Sciences. Their mission is to promote interest in the field of communication and assist the College with special events and programs. Ambassadors are responsible for meeting with and providing tours for prospective students, parents, transfer students, alumni and other visitors. The C&IS Ambassadors serve with the deans at events such as the C&IS Hall of Fame, Board of Visitors meetings, The Tailgate at Reese Phifer and student recruitment events. Applications are open to all students with a declared major in the College.

Jennafer Bowman

Dr. Litsa Rivers and Lexi McMahon

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First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

C&IS FIG Leaders are established student leaders within the College who serve as an upperclassman mentor to first-year students navigating their first academic year on campus. FIG Leaders are assigned a group of first-year students (both freshmen and transfer students) based on interest areas and help facilitate both the academic and social transition to college. Applications open each spring, and membership is open to all students who have held a student leadership position within the College previously.

Cheyenne Hayes

Industry Immersion

Industry Immersion is a professional development program hosted by the College that strengthens relationships between students, alumni and industry professionals. Industry Immersion offers motivated undergraduates the chance to explore industry and leading job markets as well as engage with high-powered C&IS alumni and leaders in various cities across the country. The Industry Immersion student leader team comprises an Executive Team and a Student Director Team. These Industry Immersion student leaders take proactive roles through the entire trip planning process, including: itinerary building and alumni outreach, student recruitment and professional development, event planning, creative content production and more. Applications for the Industry Immersion leadership team open each spring.

Celine LeBlanc

Alison Beasley and Amelia McGowan

Social Media Ambassadors

C&IS Social Media Ambassadors serve as the faces and voices of the College’s social media accounts. The goal of SMA is to increase the exposure of C&IS events, announcements, opportunities and more to C&IS student populations. This is accomplished through mutually beneficial partnerships with students who leverage their social media influence to amplify the College’s message with their own personalized messages. Applications open each spring, and membership is open to all students with a major in the College.

Morgan Johnson and Lauren Wilkinson

Student Executive Council

The Student Executive Council exists to coordinate the organizations within the College of Communication and Information Sciences while fostering stronger relationships between the students, faculty and alumni of the College and serving as a place for students to voice their concerns. The SEC is responsible for fundraising to support the C&IS Student Organization Fund.

SEC is composed of the president or appointed representative of a C&IS student organization approved by SEC, elected C&IS SGA senator and two delegates elected to represent each C&IS major.

Applications for SEC general membership are available in the spring. Once the SEC general members have been selected, general members will have an opportunity to run for executive officer (President, VP, Secretary) and departmental delegate positions which will be voted on in a College-wide election.

Max Lowery
Zarah Spraggins and Jack Purser