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The College of Communication and Information Sciences is committed to promoting an environment that harbors and promotes diversity and inclusion, and is proud to host the annual Discerning Diverse Voices Symposium on Diversity each Spring. Started in 2009 by Dr. Caryl Cooper, this symposium is a forum for the sharing of ideas from researchers, faculty, staff, alumni, and students, as well as diversity thought leaders from around the country.

The 12th Annual Discerning Diverse Voices Symposium will be held March 3, 2021. The keynote speaker is Dr. Kimberley Mangun, Associate Professor of Communication, University of Utah, and author of “Editor Emory Jackson, the Birmingham World, and the Fight for Civil Rights in Alabama.”

The theme for 2021, “It’s Not Done Yet,” reflects the social turmoil we have witnessed in recent months across the country and the urgency to seek racial and social justice in all aspects of our society. Education and open dialog are the keys to enacting change, and the DDVS contributes to these ongoing efforts by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas from a broad spectrum of communication and information sciences research topics.

The Call for Proposals is now open. All proposals are due December 31, 2020. (Please note this deadline is earlier than in past years to accommodate the shift to the online format).

The DDVS is free and entirely online in 2021. Submissions related to a wide range of diversity topics are welcome from researchers, instructors, students, and professionals from all academic institutions as well as organizations involved in the communication or information sciences fields.

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