Accessibility and Accommodations


Adapted from the Society for Cinema & Media Studies.

The Discerning Diverse Voices Symposium encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. The event will take place on the third floor of the University of Alabama Student Center.  The Student Center is an ADA-compliant building with external ramp access and internal ramps, elevators, accessible hallway widths, Braille signage on doors, and a gender-neutral bathroom located on the second floor. There is also an information desk on the second floor where attendees can receive guidance to the symposium.

Please see below a list of accommodations that we are ensuring for the conference and a list of accommodations that we can provide if requested. If additional accommodations are required, please let us know at least two weeks prior to the event, if possible, and we will work with you to the best of our ability. This provides both the DDVS and its contracted facilities lead time for ensuring optimal access. If you have further questions about accessibility at this conference, please contact Dr. Miriam Sweeney or Dr. Alyxandra Vesey in advance of the event.

Accommodations in Place

  • Accessibility map of campus (click the filter option box for “ADA Accessibility”)
  • ADA-compliant ramps, hallways, elevators, and Braille signage
  • Blank pronoun stickers provided
  • Gender-neutral restroom on the second floor
  • High-contrast name tags provided
  • Live captioning services
  • Microphones available
  • Optional masks provided, including clear masks
  • Presenters have been requested to follow accessibility standards for their materials
  • Quiet room available on the second floor (open to all Student Center visitors)
  • Scent-free event

Accommodations at Request

  • ASA-certified transportation
  • Live ASL interpreter

Please contact Dr. Miriam Sweeney or Dr. Alyxandra Vesey for further information or clarification.