The Capstone Communication Living-Learning Community, housed in John England Jr. Hall, will connect students who are considering a career in communication or media. Students have the opportunity to live, learn, and study together with peers who share their interests and will benefit from social, academic, and creative activities related to a wide variety of communication and media practices both on- and off-campus.

Capstone Communication LLC students will take common courses in order to foster community and build connections within the college. In the fall semester, students enroll in CIS 100 (Freshman Compass Seminar) and MC 101 (Intro to Mass Communications). In the spring semester, students enroll in COM 123 (Public Speaking) and CIS 295 (Special Topics Seminar – Media & Diversity).

Resident advisors and peer mentors who also study communication and media will work with students in the LLC to serve as a guide throughout their first year. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to connect with faculty and staff in the college, among other resources.

You must be a first-year student and have a declared major in C&IS to apply. A limited number of spaces are available, and students will be admitted on a rolling basis until spaces are filled.

For more information, check out our FAQ page. To apply, fill out our application form.