Student Executive Council

The Student Executive Council exists to coordinate the organizations within the College of Communication and Information Sciences while fostering stronger relationships between the students, faculty and alumni of the college and serving as a place for students to voice their concerns. The SEC is responsible for fundraising to support the C&IS Student Organization Fund.

SEC is composed of the president or appointed representative of a C&IS student organization approved by SEC, elected C&IS SGA senator and two delegates elected to represent each C&IS major.

Claudia Hogan

Litsa Rivers & Dr. Sara Hartley


Apply to Join SEC!

SEC Information Sheet

Interested in representing C&IS as a member of the Student Executive Council (SEC)? Applications to join the Student Executive Council are now available.

  1. Complete the application.

Note: To be considered complete, each application should be answered thoroughly, leaving the reviewer with no questions.

  1. Submit your application, available here.
  1. Applications will be reviewed and selected candidates will be invited to sign up for an interview time.
  1. Once all interviews are complete, final selections will be made and candidates will be notified of their status via email.

Once the SEC general members have been selected, general members will have an opportunity to run for executive officer (President, VP, Secretary) and departmental delegate positions. These positions will be voted on in a college-wide election on March 29, 2018.