Study the creative expression of persuasive, strategic communication focusing on the promotion of products, services, companies, organizations and ideas through paid media space. 

Communication Studies

Develop an integrated skill set in oral and written communication that will prepare you to be a skilled communicator in your personal, civic and professional roles. 

Creative Media

Study the use of all types of electronic mass media to effectively tell stories and examine the meaning of a story and how it influences culture and society.

News Media

Learn to gather, assess and communicate information to both general and specific audiences and study the principles, structures and techniques of modern news and information industries.

Public Relations

Study the proactive, strategic function of combining the interests of an organization with those of the public and learn strategies to achieve program objectives and multimedia tactics to implement campaigns.


The College of Communication and Information Sciences provides online options of study for undergraduate degrees in advertising, communication studies, and public relations through the College of Continuing Studies.