The 2024 C&IS Faculty and Staff Awards Luncheon occurred Monday, May 6, at the Hotel Capstone. This yearly event honors members of the C&IS community who go above and beyond in their work within the college, as well as those promoted into the next phase of their tenure or contract. The people who were honored at this year’s award luncheon are listed below.  

Knox Hagood Faculty Award: 

Darrin Griffin, Ph.D. 

Knox Hagood Staff Award:  

Tammy Holloway 

Knox Hagood Doctoral Student Award: 

Gourav Rath 

Board of Visitors Leadership Award: 

Melanie Danner 

Board of Visitors Research Award: 

Courtney Boman, Ph.D. 

Board of Visitors Teaching Award: 

Caleb Walters 

2024 Stepping Up Award: 

Rob Briscoe for his work and leadership in support of Alabama Public Radio. 

Amy Martin for her effort and leadership of WVUA 23’s digital operations. 

Blair Peavy for his steadfast support and assistance with technology throughout the college. 

Josh Pederson, Ph.D., for his exemplary efforts as a faculty leader in Comm Studies. 

Tracy Sims and Jay Waters for their work and leadership with the Capstone Agency. 

Steven Yates, Ph.D., for his adaptability and leadership at the program, school, college and University levels. 

During the reception, Dean Brian Butler, Ph.D., also acknowledged the faculty and staff who were promoted or are celebrating retirement this year.  

Moving from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor: 

Nancy Brinson, Ph.D. 

Sarah Bryant, MFA 

Steve Holiday, Ph.D. 

Dimitrios Latsis, Ph.D. 

Jessica Maddox, Ph.D. 

Alyxandra Vesey, Ph.D. 

Moving from Associate Professor to Full Professor:  

Rebecca Britt, Ph.D. 

Michael “Scott” Parrott, Ph.D. 

Renewable Contract/Clinical Assistant to Associate Professor: 

Mark Barry, MFA 

Anneliese Bolland, Ph.D. 

Renewable Contract/Clinical Associate Professor to Full Professor: 

Meredith Bagley, Ph.D. 

Celebrating Retirement: 

Thomas Arenberg – 7 years of service 

Melanie Danner – 32 years of service 

Keith Dobbins – 27 years of service 

Steven MacCall, Ph.D. – 27 years of service