About C&IS

The College of Communication and Information Sciences is among the top 10 largest and most comprehensive programs in the United States, ranking among the best schools of its kind in the world. The College offers five bachelor’s degrees in advertising, communication studies, creative media, news media and public relations; and five master’s degrees in advertising and public relations, book arts, communication studies, journalism and creative media, and library and information studies. The College offers a multidisciplinary doctoral program in communication and information sciences that enables students to either build an interdisciplinary plan of study or specialize in one of seven concentrations: advertising and public relations, book and publishing studies, health communication, interpersonal communication, media processes and effects, rhetoric and political discourse, or social justice and inclusion advocacy.

Mission, Values and Strategic Plan

The University of Alabama’s College of Communication and Information Sciences is a comprehensive multidisciplinary division in which teaching, research and service are focused on shared creation, presentation, dissemination, retrieval, collection, analysis and evaluation of messages and meanings in a variety of settings. The mission is supported by one of the country’s most diverse combinations of academic and service programs.


  • Personal and professional excellence
  • Creativity and intellectual curiosity
  • Interpersonal adaptability and negotiation
  • Integrity and ethical grounding
  • Diversity and appreciation for differences
  • Passion and resilience
  • Collaboration and unity

Our commitment to fostering diversity

In the University of Alabama’s College of Communication and Information Sciences, diversity is celebrated, appreciated and embraced. As outlined in the College’s Diversity Plan, we encourage the exploration and appreciation of diversity in everything from college-wide communication to the classes in our curriculum and student organizations designed to build leadership skills in the area of diversity.

Our efforts in diversity have been nationally recognized by the AEJMC and used as a model for the International Mass Communication Training and Research Center. Each year, the College’s regional diversity symposium attracts community members and scholars who share their research in diversity and facilitate conversations on topics surrounding diversity.

For a collection of events, resources and announcements in C&IS related to diversity, equity and inclusion, visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in C&IS page.

C&IS 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

Through the strategic planning process, the C&IS community coalesced around twelve Key Result Areas for the next five years while also articulating the importance of our strategic plan being flexible and adaptive. These priorities and goals are outlined in our C&IS 2021-2026 Strategic Plan Document.

Aligning with those goals, Dean Mark Nelson and the College’s Executive Council encourage C&IS stakeholders to share their voice throughout the duration of the strategic plan by submitting tangible ideas to advance our Key Result Areas for each year. You can submit ideas to advance Key Result Areas here.

Communicator  Magazine

Communicator is published by the Capstone Communication Society and The University of Alabama’s College of Communication and Information Sciences. Its purpose is to keep alumni and supporters informed about the programs, services and activities of the College, as well as developments in the fields of communication and information.

Click here to check out recent issues of Communicator.

Board of Visitors

The C&IS Board of Visitors is an external advisory group who supports the College’s development and advancement activities and promotes a close working relationship between communication leaders, faculty and students. Members of the C&IS Board of Visitors are leaders and innovators in the fields of communication and information.


The College of Communication and Information Sciences is committed to recognizing and honoring outstanding contributions to the fields of communication and information. Each year, we work with our Board of Visitors, Executive Council, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to identify those deserving of recognition for their work. For more information on our college-wide awards, or to nominate a candidate, please click the links below.


The College of Communication and Information Science’s degree programs are accredited by nationally recognized accrediting agencies. Accreditation is a voluntary process that includes an external review of the College’s ability to provide quality programs to ensure students are learning relevant material the right way. The rigorous accreditation process includes assessment of curriculum, faculty, administration, students, facilities and resources. Our programs are accredited by ACEJMC, NASAD and ALA/ALSDE.