Communication & Advancement

Communication & Advancement


Communication & Advancement is composed of professionals developing strategic solutions to elevate the college’s national profile and enhance donor opportunities that support students, programs and faculty.

Our work tells the story of C&IS by demonstrating how the college invests in student success; leads in our fields, professions, and communities; expands access to opportunities and benefits of our work; and is a great place for everyone to learn and work.

Contact us at to share your news or request a consultation.

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C&A specializes in fine-tuning faculty or staff creative endeavors, and we are available for consultation each week.

We offer:

  • Graphic Advice & Design Critique: Get expert opinions to make your visuals pop.
  • Revision Suggestions: Refine your work for a perfect final draft.
  • Brand Compliance: Align your projects seamlessly with UA’s brand.
  • Software Navigation: Struggle with Adobe Creative Cloud design software? We’ll guide you through it.
  • Brainstorm Design Solutions: Stuck for ideas? We’re here to help brainstorm!
  • Message Structuring: Organize your message for maximum impact.
  • Communication Platform Selection: Identify the most appropriate platforms for your message.


C&IS Brand Resources contains the tools you need to stay on-brand with all of your communication needs, from templates and fonts to photos and logos.

Join the UA Experts Database to share your expertise with UA’s Office of Strategic Communications and the media.

Need photos of your unit? Need a head shot? Reach out to Strategic Communications.

Need to update your directory entry? Reach out to us, and we’ll get you squared away.


Communicator is published by the Capstone Communication Society and the College of Communication & Information Sciences. Stay informed about programs, services and activities within the College, as well as cutting-edge developments in the fields of communication and information.

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