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The C&IS Career Center partners with students as they explore future possibilities, develop skills and connect with opportunities.

All C&IS students are encouraged to make regular appointments with the Career Center throughout their academic career. Whether you’re exploring internship opportunities or preparing to launch your career after graduation, the Career Center offers resources and guidance to help you succeed.

Career Services



The Career Center offers resources and assistance as you navigate the process of identifying, exploring, and pursuing appealing career choices. The first step is self-assessment, followed by exploring majors and careers that fit your unique qualities. Understanding your unique set of skills, interests, and values will make decision-making in your personal career path easier.

Take advantage of some of the suggested resources below, and schedule an appointment with The Career Center at C&IS for further assistance. 


Professional Development encompasses a wide range of areas, from resumes, portfolios,  and cover letters to professional etiquette/attire and interview skills.

Check out the resources below and schedule an appointment with the C&IS Career Center for further assistance. 


Whether gathering information about a career or looking for an actual job, you’ll want to take advantage of opportunities to connect with employers. Throughout fall and spring semesters, the Career Center sponsors events and information sessions that bring students, alumni, and employers together.

Discover resources that will allow you to get connected.

Career Fairs and Events

Each Fall and Spring, UA’s Career Center hosts career fairs that serve as an opportunity for students and alumni to network with employers from a wide range of industries and make connections for full-time positions and internships.

Check out the Career Center’s upcoming events on our MySource page. For more information about our career fairs, visit the Career Center website.

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