Labs and Workspaces

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Labs and Workspaces

Child & Family Media Lab

The Child Media Lab within the Institute for Communication & Information Research is an engaging space for researchers to observe, interact, and study the reactions and responses of children to various forms of media. The space offers gaming equipment, monitors, desktop computers, room to move, and a view from our high-end observation room, allowing kids to engage in research studies while being viewed from the one-way mirror in the observation room. For more information on the lab, contact Dr. Steven Holiday.

Human Communication Research Lab

The Human Communication Research Lab is a collaborative research space located in Reese Phifer Hall. This research lab allows faculty and students to discuss, plan, and conduct research related to communication. For more information on the lab, contact Dr. Leah LeFebvre.

Biometrics Lab

The Biometrics Lab allows scholars to study physiological responses to mediated content through our advanced technological equipment. Individuals using this lab can also have access to our high-end observation room. This lab allows for the collection of EEG and skin conductance data for one individual at a time. This lab is technologically innovative and unique to research labs serve mass communication and communication scholars. For more information on the lab, contact Dr. Steven Holiday.

Public Opinion Lab

The Public Opinion Lab (POL) is an innovative space for gathering and exploring social media conversations, analyzing engagement, and identifying insights. With a mix of industry technology and academic tools, the POL is a space for scholars and students to do cutting-edge research in the social space. For more information on the Public Opinion Lab, contact Dr. Jameson Hayes.

Theater Lab

The Theater Lab is a multipurpose space with 48 seats that allows researchers and creatives to distribute content, speak with participants, and display media on a larger scale for more participant viewing and engagement, AR/VR research, video game studies, sharing films and documentaries and more. This space can be used for the ICIR’s portable continuous response equipment or for town hall-type settings.

Health Communication Research Lab

The UA Health Communication Lab examines questions such as how technology improves nutritional knowledge and exercise, how mass media mitigates the stigma attached to illnesses, and how media can be used to improve health.

Schedule a Lab or Workspace

To schedule a lab or workspace, please see the program assistant located in the Office of Graduate Studies and Office of Research.

To request the Public Opinion Lab, please use the POL lab request form.