Kennedy Studdard poses with her Rising Star Award


The future of communication starts with us, and we are building a world that celebrates and supports all backgrounds, abilities and cultures.


Funding and Financial Aid

C&IS empowers students of all backgrounds and abilities to write, speak, design, film and explore through scholarships and awards.  

Discerning Diverse Voices Research Symposium

C&IS proudly hosts the annual Discerning Diverse Voices Symposium on Diversity each spring. Since 2009, the symposium has been a forum for the sharing of ideas from researchers, faculty, staff, alumni, and students, as well as diversity thought leaders from around the country.

Disability Services

In collaboration with the University community, the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is committed to ensuring educational access that enhances the lives of students with disabilities. Our work enriches the campus environment by supporting the institution in its collective responsibility to provide an accessible education.


The College of Communication & Information Sciences supports accessibility at all levels, whether that is building access, course or testing accommodations or web accessibility.

If you have a question about accessibility or accommodation, email us at

Further, The University of Alabama’s Technology Accessibility Center for Instructional Technology encourages individuals with disabilities to participate in the University’s many programs and activities and is committed to ensuring that all facilities and the information, services, courses and technology that we provide are inclusive and accessible in accordance with applicable law.

Preserving LGBTQ+ History

Josh Burford (MLIS ’05) is the director of outreach and lead archivist for the Invisible Histories Project, an initiative dedicated to preserving queer history in the South.

In 2020, he was selected as one of NBC’s Pride50, and in 2022, he received an Outstanding Alumni Award for his work.

C&IS is proud to count Josh among our alumni.

AAF’s Most Promising Rising Star

Kennedy Studdard poses with her Rising Star Award

Kennedy Studdard, an alum of the College of Communication & Information Sciences (C&IS), received the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) Most Promising Rising Star Award this February.

Linton Barbershop

One of the most historically symbolic buildings in Tuscaloosa, “The Block” was once home to Black-owned businesses at the center of the Civil Rights Movement.

This is the Digital Media Center’s Emmy award-winning documentary.

No Stone Unturned: Preserving Slave Cemeteries in Alabama

APR News spent nine months investigating efforts to find and preserve slave cemeteries and interviewing families of kidnapped Africans.

This is their Murrow and National Association of Black Journalists award winning podcast.

Episode 1: Preserving Slave Cemeteries in Alabama

Alabama’s constitution still allows forced labor, 157 years after the thirteenth amendment abolished the practice. And that’s not the only lasting impact of the Alabama slave trade.

This is the story behind the technology used to address a centuries-old problem: finding unmarked buried slaves.