What is CAMP?

  • Communication and Media Preview (CAMP) is a five-day, four-night immersive experience at The University of Alabama. During CAMP, students will practice skills and improve knowledge related to the fields of communication and media, develop connections with aspiring communicators, and become familiar with the college experience.
  • Participants will create original work with cutting-edge technology alongside the nation’s leading experts in areas such as advertising, communication studies, creative media, news media and public relations.
  • Participants will be exposed to various career options in the field and cultivate their interests around communication and media while engaging in a hands-on, team-centered learning environment.
  • This year’s sports focus will allow students to learn how sports media professionals use communication every day in a variety of settings ranging from press conferences to social media and event planning.

 What does each focus mean?

  • Broadcasting: Interview and report on newsworthy events.
  • Media Production: Work with media editing software to piece together visual, verbal and graphic design content.
  • Writing: Tell the stories of individuals, organizations and their ideas through print media.
  • Social Media: Generate awareness and excitement around events, people and causes using today’s foremost social media platforms.
  • Promotion: Gain attention and generate awareness.
  • Public speaking: Craft and deliver your verbal message.

Who should attend CAMP?

  • This is a great opportunity for students involved with their high school’s broadcast, film, journalism, school paper, yearbook, literary magazines, or student government programs, or students interested in career paths in communication.
  • High school students who are interested in exploring the field of communication and information sciences and being one step ahead before ever stepping foot into a college classroom.

When is CAMP?

  • CAMP will take place July 10, 2018 to the afternoon of Saturday, July 14, 2018.

What should I bring to CAMP?

  • You don’t want to leave anything behind! We’ve made a suggested packing check list to help you think of everything.

How much does CAMP cost? 

  • The cost for CAMP is $600. This includes CAMP “swag” (t-shirt, and other CAMP materials), the cost of the residence hall, all food, and all transportation during CAMP.
  • Payment must be mailed in via check to:

Rachel Creel
The University of Alabama
Tisch Student Services & External Relations
Box 870172
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

  • Once payment is submitted, there is no refund.

Where will we stay on campus?

  • Participants will stay on campus in a suite-style residence hall with current C&IS upperclassmen. They must bring their own sheets and linens.

What will we eat during CAMP?

  • All food will be provided during the week at Lakeside Dining. If you have dietary restrictions or any additional accommodations, please let us know in the registration and we will happily work with you.

I’m coming to CAMP from out of town—Are there resources that can help me get there?

Yes, of course! We want to make your travel to Tuscaloosa as simple as possible. We’ve provided some parking and travel information that can answer questions and assist out-of-town participants in their arrival.

What is there to do in Tuscaloosa? (For parents visiting with their students)

Tuscaloosa is home to a vast array of remarkable sights that are known only inside its bounds. With hundreds of restaurants, activities, museums and parks, it has managed to become one of Alabama’s most progressive cities. Visitors come to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere, historic features and bustling nightlife that Tuscaloosa has to offer. For more information on Tuscaloosa or ideas for how to best plan your stay, visit http://visittuscaloosa.com/.

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