Doctoral Students

The Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences is a research-intensive program designed to prepare communication scholars for positions of leadership in education, public service, media and other communication-related fields. The three- to four-year, in-residence program features a highly customizable, interdisciplinary curriculum that spans the fields of communication and information sciences. You will work with our award-winning graduate faculty to create a plan of study and advance your knowledge and skills in communication and information sciences.


James Abdallah

Youngwood, Pennsylvania

Manasar Alharethi

Najran, Saudi Arabia
History of Media, Journalism

Zachary Arth

Cheektowaga, New York

Kirsten J. Barnes

Phenix City, Alabama
Communication Studies, Journalism

Ryan Broussard

Lafayette, Louisiana
Intersection of Sports and Politics

Josie Burks

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Eric Cooks

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Health Communication

Thomas Duke

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Minghui Fan

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Ariel Fink

Sarasota, Florida
Persuasion, Social and Digital Media, Popular Culture

Jonathan Graffeo

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Lori Greene

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Health Communication

Sitong Guo

Changchun, China

William Heath

Leeds, Alabama

Jeffery Hirschy

Birmingham, Alabama

Lucas Hou

Harbin, China
Interactive Media and Gaming

Marieke Keller

Northport, Alabama

Ted Kijeski

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Rhetorical Studies, Argumentation

Bumsoo Kim

South Korea
Emerging Media Effects, Political Communication and Media Sociology

Eunhui Kim

Monroe, Louisiana

Keqing Kuang

Guangdong, China
Health Communication

Joon Yea Lee

Yongin City, South Korea
Research Interest

Yiben Liu

Shenzhen, China
Political Communication, Media Technology & Society

LeNa' Powe McDonald

Birmingham, Alabama
Political Communication

Breann Murphy

Birmingham, Alabama

Jeyoung Oh

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sung Eun Park

Miryang, South Korea

Jessica Massey Ross

Chatom, Alabama
Library Science

Rosanne Rumstay

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Stephen Rush

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Emotional Appeals and Crisis Communication

Lindsey A. Sherrill

Walnut Hill, Florida
Organizational Communication, Race and Gender

Brett Stifflemire

Huntsville, Alabama

Ethan Stokes

Tuscumbia, Alabama

Darryl Thornton

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Brand Authenticity

Megan Whitten

Pensacola, Florida
Strategic Communication

George Paul Willis

Enterprise, Alabama
Mass Communication, Emergent Media

Qingru Xu

Sports Communication

Qiong Xu

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jinjie Yang

Shanghai, China
Organizational Communication, Risk

Xiaoxu Yang

Xi’an, China

Yiyi Yang

Health Communication, Sports Communication

Xueying Zhang

Shenyang, China

Yiyang Zhang

Shenzhen, China

Ziyuan Zhou

Shijiazhuang, China