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Doctoral Students

The Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences is a research-intensive program designed to prepare communication scholars for positions of leadership in education, public service, media and other communication-related fields. The three- to four-year, in-residence program features a highly customizable, interdisciplinary curriculum that spans the fields of communication and information sciences. You will work with our award-winning graduate faculty to create a plan of study and advance your knowledge and skills in communication and information sciences.


Alyssa Adamson

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Advertising and Public Relations/Strategic Communications

Nicholas Buzzelli

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sport Communication


Shalonda Capers

San Diego, California

Culture & Communication, Resistance Theory, and Race and Gender Studies

Gil Carter

Killen, Alabama

Political Communication and Rhetoric

Eric Cooks

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Health and Science Communication

Jose Carlo Garcia de Pano

Metro Manila, Philippines

Credibility, Persuasion, and Influence

Danielle Deavours

Nicholas Eckhart


Health Communication

Tyana Ellis

Clayton, North Carolina

Health Communication, Food Insecurity, and Power Structures

Minghui Fan


Media Psychology, Sports Communication, and Big Data Analysis

Sitong Guo


Sports Communication and Media

Baheya Jaber

Ramallah, Palestine

Library Science

Caitlin Kelley

Intercultural Communication

Eunhui Kim

Deajeon, South Korea

Intercultural Communication

Hannah King

Birmingham, AL

Health and Organizational Communication

Sean Lee


Political Economy of Media Institutions, Media Activism, Alternative Media, and Telecommunications and Digital Media Studies

Yiben Liu


New Technology and Political Communication

Yuanwei Lyu

Xi’an, China

Emergent and Digital Media in Public Relations, Crisis Communication 

Chalise Macklin

Crisis Communication and Journalism

Amanda Ostaszewski

Fort Myers, Florida

Media Processes and Effects 

Tanya Ott-Fulmore

Gainesville, Florida

Radio, Podcasting, and New Media Advertising

Haseon Park

Busan, South Korea

Interactive and New Media Advertising

Rachel Parker

Birmingham, Alabama

Portrayal of Black Women Through  Different Forms of Media

Sarah Price

Birmingham, AL

Transgender and Gender Diverse Identity, Representation, and Healthcare

Miranda Rouse

North Carolina

Speech Pedagogy

Bill Singleton

Orville Tatcho

Baguio City, Philippines

Rhetoric and Political Discourse, Critical and Cultural Studies

Nathan Towery

Oxford, Mississippi

Strategic Communication

Khadiza Tul Jannat


Health Communication

Michael Viehouser

Spokane, WA

Interpersonal Communication

Jiehua Zhang

Beijing, China

Political Communication