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Doctoral Students

The Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences is a research-intensive program designed to prepare communication scholars for positions of leadership in education, public service, media and other communication-related fields. The three- to four-year, in-residence program features a highly customizable, interdisciplinary curriculum that spans the fields of communication and information sciences. You will work with our award-winning graduate faculty to create a plan of study and advance your knowledge and skills in communication and information sciences.


Gil Carter

Killen, Alabama

Political Communication and Rhetoric

Courtny Franco

Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Interpersonal and Health Communication

Kimberley Gibson


Asa Harris

Edwin Lee

Rhetoric and Intercultural Communication

Kaeli Nieves-Whitmore

Iowa City, IA

Physical Library Spaces and Library Anxiety

Jake Paul

Hoover, Alabama

Philanthropy, Community Engagement, Leadership, Diversity, Interpersonal Communication

Mackenzie Quick

Kevin Thompson

Anna Grace Usery

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Journalism Education and Innovation; Diversity and Inclusion

Ningyang Wang


Self-Presentation and Computer-Mediated Communication