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The Institute for Communication and Information Research at The University of Alabama

The Institute for Communication and Information Research (ICIR) is a premier communication research facility located within the College of Communication and Information Sciences, on The University of Alabama’s campus, in Reese Phifer Hall. Contact:

Mission Statement: The Institute for Communication and Information Research, an entity of the Office for the Associate Dean for Research, at The University of Alabama maximizes the research efforts of the faculty in the College of Communication and Information Sciences.

Vision Statement: To be regarded as the premier entity for communication and information research; responsible for supporting and improving the quality of research conducted by faculty and students; committed to stimulating research activity within the college; dedicated to serving, coordinating, assessing, and delivering on the research needs of the C&IS community and beyond.

C&IS Strategic Priorities

  • Continue to enhance the research culture within C&IS
  • Create a culture of research collaboration
  • Serve as a research incubator for C&IS faculty and interdisciplinary UA research
  • Provide in-house research resources in-house for C&IS faculty (and beyond)
  • Develop entrepreneurially focused researchers, and research opportunities, and activities
  • Educate the public (i.e., the UA community and surrounding community) about the benefit of communication and information research


The Institute for Communication & Information Research offers research and creative services to companies and organizations of all sizes.  From data collection and analysis to logo design and facility rentals, ICIR connects organizations and individuals with top communication and information professionals at The University of Alabama. Contact the ICIR today to learn more about our contract services.

Research Design Consultation

Contact the ICIR for research design consultation.


Evaluation for federally funded research projects and/or proposals for extramural funding.

IRB Protocol Assistance

Contact the ICIR for assistance with Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol.


Training on ICIR software/hardware.


Click here for facilities scheduling and research space.


The resources listed below are available for faculty and students of the College of Communication & Information Sciences. Please contact the ICIR at for more information about these resources.

Institutional Review Board

UA Institutional Review Board training and approval is necessary for any research involving human participants. Click here to visit UA’s IRB page.

Participant Pool

The ICIR participant pool helps students learn more about the research process both as participants and as researchers. Click here to log into the participant pool. Please contact the ICIR ( if you would like to include your C&IS students in the participant pool or if you are a C&IS faculty member or student who wants to make your research study available to the participant pool.

Grant Funding Opportunities

Faculty are encouraged to secure external funding through federal and foundation grants. Contact Elva Bradley to discuss opportunities. 


UA provides access software often used in data analysis endeavors. Please click here to find the list of software available to UA employees and students.

Revise & Resubmit

Revise & Resubmit is a podcast produced by Dr. Kim Bissell and hosted by Drs. Kim Bissell & Anneliese Bolland. Listen to Revise & Resubmit to learn about research within C&IS as well as by C&IS alumni.



Dr. Kim Bissell

Dr. Kim Bissell was appointed Director of the Institute for Communication & Information Research in 2011. Additionally, she serves as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Communication and Information Sciences. Dr. Bissell has had the title of the Southern Progress Corporation Endowed Professor in Magazine Journalism since 2008. She joined the UA faculty in 2000, and has published more than 30 journal articles and book chapters, most of which are related to the social effects of media.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anneliese Bolland, LMSW, CHES®

Dr. Anneliese Bolland joined the Institute for Communication & Information Research in 2018 and joined the faculty of Communication Studies in 2020. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Research and is a licensed social worker and certified health education specialist. Her research is primarily focused on risk and protective factors related to growing up in growing up in communities characterized by poverty and is the current Principal Investigator of the Mobile Youth and Poverty Study. Her research agenda is also focused in pedagogy, particularly in assessment approaches. Finally, she is an evaluator and has experience evaluating a variety of projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Education, and National Endowment for the Arts.

Dr. Anneliese Bolland
Mobile Youth and Poverty Study

Program Assistant

Jackie Hayes

Jackie Hayes joined the Institute for Communication & Information Research in 2019 as a program assistant working both in the ICIR and Office for Graduate Studies.

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