The Institute for Communication and Information Research (ICIR)

The ICIR is an independent research institute within C&IS, dedicated to conducting communication and information research that addresses contemporary societal and cultural issues.

The institute works with with businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, foundations and other entities to produce high-impact research that informs and improves our evolving communication and information landscape.

The Institute for Communication and Information Research



Our team believes that the differences that makes us unique are a source of strength for society.


Advocacy is the heart of what we do. It’s not enough to find insights and give recommendations – we want to share our findings with the people who benefit most.


There is no one “right” way to answer the complex questions our work addresses.


  1. 01 Secure external funding opportunities and collaborations to support ICIR research activity

  2. 02 Position the ICIR within academic circles as a leader in producing influential communication

  3. 03 Gain authority outside of academic circles as a thought leader in the communication and information professions

  4. 04 Develop strong undergraduate and graduate researchers to prepare for academic and professional positions


Scott Parrott, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Business Development

Dr. Scott Parrott

Anneliese Bolland, Ph.D., LMSW, MPH, CHES

Associate Director of Planning and Evaluation

Dr. Anneliese Bolland

Beyond Sports Initiative

The Beyond Sports Initiative gives data-driven insights to current and future sport scholars and professionals so they can thrive in a changing, global sport and gaming environment – driving the conversation between the academy and industry to better equip the next generation of sport professionals.

Information Policy and Ethics

The Information Policy and Ethics initiative addresses how innovation impacts society, individuals and industry. The initiative advances principled data practices, promotes innovative professional ethics and educates consumers about emerging data collection practices and their privacy implications.

Internal Communication and Engagement

The Internal Communication and Engagement attempts to understand the experiences of internal audiences so communication can be thoughtfully developed and sent, creating more meaningful workplaces. This initiative aims to create more equitable and fulfilling organizational experiences.

Media Literacy and (Mis/Dis)information

The Media Literacy and (Mis/Dis)information fosters a more informed and resilient society in the face of the pervasive challenges posed by false information. This initiative explores motivation and techniques in intentional disinformation, test strategic communication approaches to combat it and leverage support networks to empower people to navigate and critically evaluate content.


C&IS and the ICIR are home to several research labs, observation rooms and collaboration spaces that allow our faculty, staff and students to conduct research in a variety of settings.