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Wireless Printing

Printing in Reese Phifer from a Personal Laptop


Downloads Required for Printing:

(Printers are located in Reese Phifer 112, 301, 334, 338 and the C&IS Commons)

Click here for Apple

Click here for PC

After installation, print documents as normal. When printing, please select Phifer_BW or Phifer_Color in your printer selection window.



Printing from a Mobile Device via Email (Printer located in the Reese Phifer Annex 3rd floor, near the elevator):

To print from a phone or tablet, email an attached file to or (the file must be a Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, image, text or Visio document under 50 MB).

Follow the link emailed to you and register your email address with the Pharos Print Center using your MyBama username and password. This can be done on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

NOTE: Currently, the link brings up a certificate warning you will have to click past to use the page.

Swipe your ACT card. You will need to log in with your MyBama username and password the first time you swipe your card on a particular printer. Black and white printing is $.20 and color printing is $.25 per page.

Select the check box next to the files you want to print, and then choose print. The screen will display your available files, size and cost of the print job, and available balance.

Please log out after printing your files.