Institute for Communication and Information Research

The Institute for Communication and Information Research

The Institute for Communication and Information Research (ICIR) is a premier communication research facility located within the College of Communication and Information Sciences, on The University of Alabama’s campus, in Reese Phifer Hall. Contact:

Mission Statement: The Institute for Communication and Information Research, an entity of the Office for the Associate Dean for Research, at The University of Alabama maximizes the research efforts of the faculty in the College of Communication and Information Sciences.

Vision Statement: To be regarded as the premier entity for communication and information research; responsible for supporting and improving the quality of research conducted by faculty and students; committed to stimulating research activity within the college; dedicated to serving, coordinating, assessing, and delivering on the research needs of the C&IS community and beyond.

C&IS Strategic Priorities

  • Enhance the research culture within C&IS to advance knowledge and creativity and provide students and faculty with research and creative activity opportunities.

  • Support C&IS academic and extra-curricular programs related to research and creative activity scholarship.

  • Acknowledge, encourage, and support diversity, equity, and inclusion within C&IS scholarship.

  • Increase communication about C&IS research and creative activity scholarship, and grant activity via internal and external communication mechanisms.


The Institute for Communication & Information Research offers research and creative services to companies and organizations of all sizes. From data collection and analysis to logo design and facility rentals, ICIR connects organizations and individuals with top communication and information professionals at The University of Alabama. Contact the ICIR today at to learn more about our contract services.

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C&IS Scholarship Areas


C&IS and the Institute for Communication and Information Research are home to several research labs, observation rooms and collaboration spaces. These facilities allow our faculty, staff and students to conduct communication research in a variety of settings. For more information about our research facilities, click here.

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Anneliese Bolland

Assistant Professor

Jackie Hayes

Program Assistant

Graduate Assistants

Emily Dirks

Emily Dirks

Doctoral Candidate

Suyu Chou

Suyu Chou

Doctoral Candidate

Toni Rebaldo

Toni Rebaldo

Doctoral Candidate

Revise & Resubmit Podcast

Revise & Resubmit is a podcast produced by Dr. Kim Bissell and hosted by Drs. Kim Bissell & Anneliese Bolland. Listen to Revise & Resubmit to learn about research within C&IS as well as by C&IS alumni. Revise and Resubmit can be found on Apple podcastsSpotify or wherever you get your podcasts.