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C&IS Student Organization Fund

The following information serves as a guideline for proper submission. Only online submissions will be accepted. Please follow the guidelines below. Failure to do so may result in a denial of your request.

The purpose of the C&IS Student Organization Fund is to provide funding for organizations in order to support the mission of each group, ultimately benefiting the College as a whole. All C&IS organizations or organizations affiliated with C&IS are eligible to submit requests each semester. Funding may be awarded to individual students representing C&IS in the areas of research or creative activity. Funding requests which meet the following criteria will be given priority:

  1. Promotes collaboration among student organizations
  2. Organization is actively involved with the Student Executive Council
  3. Organization promotes the College’s strategic priorities

Application Guidelines

  • Organization must be in good-standing.
  • Requests will be accepted based on the set application criteria and availability of funds.
  • Request amount cannot exceed $500 per organization involved.
  • Organizations may submit 1 request per semester. A funding request may itemize a list of different needs for the entire semester.
  • Requests can be used to cover events, fundraising, undergraduate research and creative activity, and promotional materials.
  • Fall 2023 deadlines for funding applications are September 10, October 8, and November 12. Funding requests must be in by 5 p.m. for each deadline.

Terms and Conditions

We appreciate your interest in the C&IS student organization fund. This fund was created by students, for students with the intention of strengthening the mission and goals of C&IS. The Student Executive Council (SEC) supports their peers throughout C&IS with the active support of the administration.

Once you have reviewed and prepared all content within these guidelines, please submit your material via the online submission form below. Awards will only be granted to completed applications. Please direct any questions about the C&IS Student Organization Fund application to SEC vice president, Maggie Joe O’Neal at

The following steps must be completed in order to be reviewed by the SEC:

  • Agree to the Student Organization Funding Request Terms and Conditions (please indicate agreement on online submission form)
  • Completed request form (include detailed budget information).
  • Submit any supporting documents.

Requests must be made at least 6 weeks prior to when funds are required. Applications will be reviewed three times per semester. Applications received after the monthly deadline will be reviewed the following month. You will be notified of the funding approval within 7 business days of each deadline.

*All requests for summer should be made in the spring semester.

Acceptance Criteria

The SEC provides funding based on availability of funds and the application criteria. Completed, thoughtful and organized application materials are expected. The rubric for funding approval includes application completion; SEC involvement; C&IS impact; and diversity, equity, leadership and service. In addition, the request should be for funds which mutually benefit C&IS and organization (educational and promotional benefits).

The Student Executive Council recommends if at all possible, to attend the student organization funding approval meeting if you have submitted a request for funds (please attend the meeting following the date you submitted your request). It is not mandatory, but it does allow the council to ask any questions and for you/the organization to better explain what the funding will be used for instead of just having the application information. We hope to see you at these meetings. To attend one of the meetings scheduled below, or for any additional questions or concerns please reach out to the SEC vice president, Maggie Joe O’Neal at

September 10, 5 p.m.: Funding Request Deadline

September 14, 8 a.m.: Funding Request Meeting

October 8, 5 p.m.: Funding Request Deadline

October 12, 8 a.m.: Funding Request Meeting

November 12, 5 p.m.: Funding Request Deadline

November 16, 8 a.m.: Funding Request Meeting

Also, priority is given to organizations that:

  • Promote collaboration among student organizations
  • Are actively involved with the Student Executive Council
  • Promote the College’s strategic priorities

To view the rubric SEC members use in evaluating funding requests, click here.

Process of Approved Funding

If your request is accepted and funding is approved, you will be notified via the e-mail address you provide on the form within 7 business days of the application deadline. Once approved, the allocated funds will be distributed by check to your primary contact.

Approved Funding Requirements

If approved, applicants must complete the following requirements:

  • All original receipts must be turned in to Tisch Student Services, Suite 190 Reese Phifer (attn. Rachel Walker), no later than 7 business days after spending.
  • All organizations must give a presentation to the SEC and C&IS administration about the benefit of allocated funds and any ideas related to the student organization funding.
  • Presentations will be given at SEC’s bi-weekly meetings.


For further questions regarding the C&IS Student Organization Fund, please contact SEC vice president, Maggie Joe O’Neal at

Student Executive Council Advisors: Morgan Johnson ( and Joseph Drake (

Before starting the online application, you will need to check the box that states you have read this information and understand all stated information.