TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Irma Corbett is the manager of communications at Disney Branded Television, formerly at OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Corbett’s role is to work on publicity efforts that help promote the network’s shows. A frequent task for Corbett is pitching talent, which normally includes traveling to New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta for press tours, but has recently changed due to COVID-19.

“Most of our press is now done virtually,” said Corbett. “We’ve had to get really creative as to how we’re going to promote a show and still be able to be effective in getting our talent in front of the press.”

At The University of Alabama, Corbett majored in public relations and minored in communication studies. As a professional who works with a team of 10, Corbett said that one thing in her time at UA that set her up for success in her current position was her campaigns class.

“I was so nervous to take campaigns, but it was an amazing class,” said Corbett. “You have to come up with … the strategy, the looks and the feel for [the campaign], and then you have to present it. If you can’t work with your team, you’re not going to pass the class.”

Corbett stated that campaigns is also her favorite academic memory at UA because she got to spend time with her team outside of class and get to know each other.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but I was still very proud of our campaign and the hard work we put into it,” Corbett said.

Along with campaigns, Corbett credits a big part of her experience at UA to a specific professor.

“[Professor Michael Little] is the absolute best,” said Corbett. “He was a great professor, and his students could come to him with anything.”

Corbett said that if she could offer a last piece of advice for students it would be “to take advantage of every single resource that’s offered to you while at [The University of] Alabama.”