TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (Oct. 18, 2021) — Sarah Stergioulas currently works in External Relations at IBM, the 9th largest technology company in the world. Within her role, Stergioulas supports the Government Affairs team to advance its policy priorities to a variety of audiences. Stergioulas and her team actively produce thought leadership pieces on behalf of IBM and work to position the company on various legislative standpoints.

After graduating with a degree in public relations, Stergioulas moved to Washington, D.C., to explore careers in governmental affairs. During this transition, Stergioulas received an opportunity to work for a congressman on Capitol Hill and shortly after found a role in the PR agency realm at Edelman. After a short while, she returned to the Hill, gaining a variety of crisis communication skills and industry knowledge. She went on to earn her master’s in PR and public policy at Georgetown, which prepared her for her transition to IBM.

Stergioulas noted that her time spent working on the AdTeam with Teri Henley was one of the most helpful experiences in college. She also mentioned a political communications class that inspired her and gave her the confidence to set up informational interviews and gain networking opportunities in D.C.

When asked on her advice for graduating seniors, Stergioulas noted the importance of ultimately making your own decisions and pursuing your interests. “Try not to worry what other people think,” said Stergioulas. “Try not to compare yourself to other people and what they’re doing, especially when you’re right out of college.” Stergioulas highlighted the fact that everyone excels differently after college, and that it’s important to have a clear focus of what you want without worrying about others.

Moving forward, Stergioulas would like to take charge during this “formative era” of her time spent at IBM, since she recently hit her three-year mark at the company. She’ll soon be expanding on the crisis communications element of her career and hopes for continued growth within her role.