TUSCALOOSA, Alabama – In February, the 4A’s Foundation selected University of Alabama graduate student Trinity Hunter in the College of Communication & Information Sciences (C&IS) to participate in the foundation’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP). 

A competitive program for multicultural advertising and media students, participants often join industry-leading companies for summer internships.  In March, Sony Media Group offered Hunter a paid internship in their New York City headquarters’ Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. 

Until the summer internship begins, Hunter will join professional development workshops held by MAIP. The goal is to prepare new students for the work they will do over the summer. In August, MAIP students, staff and alumni will gather for the Face of Talent ceremony, a multi-day event hosted by the 4A’s Foundation to celebrate students’ accomplishments in their work. 

And, although Hunter does not yet have all the details about what her summer internship entails, she said she is motivated to do it well. 

“My primary focus is to continue amplifying the voices of those who have been historically suppressed,” she said. “The impact I hope to have on my field is one of conscious thought, genuine inquisition and continuous prodding.” Because of her passion for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, she said she is excited about the opportunities ahead of her. 

Trinity Hunter and other panelists at the ”Engaging and Empowering PR Students” panel at the Plank Center Summit
Trinity Hunter and other panelists at the ”Engaging and Empowering PR Students” panel at the Plank Center Summit

“I could not be more grateful to be joining such a fantastic group of people,” Hunter said. “I am more than thrilled to have this opportunity to continue pushing for change in my professional pursuits.” She added that being a part of MAIP will also help her grow professionally. 

In addition to networking and rapport with MAIP alumni and industry professionals, Hunter said she will learn from the goals and values of those joining the program alongside her. 

“I will continue to have the opportunity to have my perspective recognized and respected while continuously doing the same for my peers,” she said. 

Hunter added that she would not have been able to join the program without the support of professors Susan Daria, Tracy Sims, Ph.D. ABD, and Karla Grower, Ph.D., as well as that of MAIP alum Kennedy Studdard

“It is genuinely incredible to have the opportunity to carry on the legacy of those who came before me,” Hunter said. “To say it is an honor would be an understatement.” 

Trinity Hunter is a first-year interdisciplinary graduate student studying Public Relations, Communication Studies and Women’s Studies. She also works as a graduate assistant at the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations. Over the summer, she will begin her New York City internship with Sony Music Group before returning to Tuscaloosa in the Fall. Her graduate thesis will focus on the role of Black women and their identities within society. Although she has not fully decided on a post-graduate career plan, her current ambition is to specialize in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within the communications field. 

The 4A’s Foundation has a stated mission to increase diversity in advertising and media agencies through financial support. It owns and operates MAIP, in addition to other diversity-focused programs. Find out more about the foundation here

MAIP is a professional development program for students with multicultural backgrounds. It combines a full-time paid internship, professional development training and networking opportunities to improve the workforce diversity in advertising and other media-related fields. See more about the program here